XPLA GAMES Token Economy

$CTXT Token Supply

  • The following is the total supply of $CTXT tokens issued for XPLA GAMES Governance.

Total $CTXT Supply = 800,000,000

  • $CTXT Allocation based on Initial Share of $CTXT Issued (50,000,000 $CTXT)


Provider Settlement

Expands the Web3 gaming ecosystem and supports the developers who play a crucial role in game development.




Expands the gaming ecosystem in areas other than onboarding, such as hosting XPLA GAMES hackathons and supporting indie games.




Pool used for situations that involve risk in the XPLA GAMES ecosystem as well as to help other token economies.



Operating Treasury

Fund allocation that goes toward LP liquidity and the basic operation of the XPLA GAMES, Governance proposals, and voting.


  • $CTXT is the Governance Token for XPLA GAMES. A maximum of 800 million tokens will be issued. However, an initial volume of 50 million will be used to form a basic ecosystem. Rather than issuing all tokens at once, the amount will increase gradually based on the games onboarded.

<$CTXT Minting Protocol>

  • 2.5 million $CTXT issued per game that is onboarded through the Game Launcher.

  • Game Provider: Share is based on the amount of $XPLA raised (Up to 100% accepted).

  • The amount of $CTXT left after payments to Game Providers will be distributed to each pool at a 10:70:20 ratio. Operation Treasury (10%) Community (70%) Reserve (20%)

  • $CTXT is a utility token that will only circulate only within the XPLA ecosystem. It will not be listed on CEX, but may be registered to an external exchange without prior notice.

  • Once issued, $CTXT can only be obtained from games that have been onboarded into the XPLA GAMES.

  • $CTXT supply will only increase based on game releases. Each time a game releases on the XPLA GAMES, supply increases by way of settlement funds given to Game Providers.

  • Once many games are onboarded into the XPLA GAMES and the amount of $CTXT issued reaches its threshold, the $CTXT accumulated within the Reserve or Community can be burned with community approval.

Operation Wallet Address

  • The following is the Wallet Address for the XPLA GAMES.


We plan to equally delegate and stake $XPLA (Amount TBA) so that it is not concentrated between select Validators. Also, $XPLA that has already been staked will not be undelegated or circulated. However, we will claim Staking Rewards and add it to the Swap Pool liquidity supply, Reserve, Treasury, and Community. A portion of it will be provided to the XPLA Community to support the expansion of the mainnet’s ecosystem.

XPLA GAMES Reward Protocol

  • $XPLA - $CTXT Swap Pool LP: 80%

  • Reserve: 1%

  • Community: 7%

  • Operation Treasury: 6%

  • XPLA Community 6%

These accumulated tokens will be used to provide additional liquidity to the Swap Pool, generate hackathon funds, and support indie games, etc. Decisions will be made with the consent of the Governance.

This cycle of community consent will allow this structure of returning tokens to naturally settle during the expansion of the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Within this cycle, $CTXT serves as a medium that carries the value of the gaming ecosystem and is distributed under the leadership of gamers. Each game’s items and tokens can be interchanged using $CTXT and for $XPLA through the Swap Pool.

In order for the XPLA GAMES to contribute to the expansion of the XPLA Mainnet, a portion of the settlement will be added to the Community Pool of the Mainnet.

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