Game Launcher FLOW

How does Game Launcher work?

Step 1

  • Once a Game Provider finalizes a launchpad date, Fan Card sales will begin.

Step 2

  • Users can purchase Fan Cards (NFT) using $XPLA

  • Users will receive Fan Cards (NFT) when the GL process is completed.

  • Users can refund their Fan Cards to veto a game’s launch.

Step 3

  • Fan Card holders will be able to try demos while they are still available. However, Game Providers can opt for in-game screenshots and videos instead of playable demos.

Step 4

  • At the end of a demo, the number of Fan Card sales will determine whether or not a game is released.

  • (Failure) If a game does not meet the Fan Card sales quota, its release is rejected and the onboarding process is halted. Users who have purchased Fan Cards will be refunded $XPLA.

  • (Success) If a game meets the Fan Card sales quota and passes requirements, NFTs will be issued to users who purchased Fan Cards and the onboarding process proceeds to the next step.

Step 5

  • The number of tokens issued for the game will be equal to 1,000 times the total number of Fan Card sales.

  • For the Game Launcher, Game Providers will be given $CTXT in the form of vested funds which will be in proportion to the amount of $XPLA paid by users to support growth of the gaming ecosystem.

  • Game tokens will be allocated to the creation of pools and the formation of the ecosystem, while any remaining tokens will be given to Game Providers as vested funds.

  • Once $CTXT is released, the process will be modified so that settlement funds ($CTXT) as well as Swap Pools, which issue tokens, are created automatically. $XPLA accumulated during this time is vested and can be claimed by Game Providers depending on time passed.

Step 6

  • After a game is released, all in-game assets acquired during gameplay will enter circulation within the XPLA Mainnet.

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