Token Allocation

Provider Settlement

As game creators, Game Providers will play the pivotal role of supplying content within the Web3 gaming ecosystem. We will be funding the Provider Settlement in order to support these Providers. This will help Game Providers manage and expand the communities created by the core users who purchased Fan Cards, took part in theGame Launcher, and ultimately voted for the game’s release. By using $CTXT, games will be able to create their own token economies.

The $XPLA raised from Fan Cards serves as an important indicator of gamers’ interest in each game. The $CTXT token, which is used for XPLA GAMES Governance, is issued based on whether a game is successfully onboarded through the Game Launcher and distributed along with the Provider Settlement based on established criteria.

As such, we’ve established the following standards for Provider Settlements.

  • Standards for Provider Settlements

Amount of $XPLA fundraised via Game LauncherPercentage of $CTXT Provider Settlement (based on $XPLA fundraised via Game Launcher)

100,000 XPLA ~ 199,999 XPLA


200,000 XPLA ~ 299,999 XPLA


300,000 XPLA ~ 399,999 XPLA


400,000 XPLA ~ 499,999 XPLA


500,000 XPLA ~ 999,999 XPLA


1,000,000 XPLA or above


*These conditions can be adjusted due to changes of expand gaming community.

*However, during the early stages of the ecosystem, only the first 10 games will receive the Early Settlement Benefit and will not follow the $CTXT Minting Protocol. Game Providers will be given the full amount of $XPLA issued.

  • Estimated Supply Trend


In addition to game releases through the Game Launcher, if you service a separate hackathon or indie game and pass a seeding proposal with the consent of the community, tokens will be withdrawn from the Community Pool.


The Reserve serves as a liquidity supply pool that supports the $XPLA-$CTXT Swap Pool. The $XPLA staking rewards that the XPLA GAMES owns is stored here. As various new games are introduced, the amount of $CTXT in circulation will increase, and if the pool needs liquidity supply, then the tokens accumulated in the Reserve will be added to the Swap Pool to provide additional liquidity. Partial game tokens that have been distributed by games during Game Launcher onboarding, as well as fees from the $XPLA-$CTXT LP liquidity supply, are stored here as well. Tokens that have been accumulated in the Reserve pool are later provided to stakeholders as incentives or burned, accrued as a settlement funds for Game Providers, supplied as additional liquidity, or used up based on the results of proposals.

Operating Treasury

The Treasury was formed to support the basic operations of the platform. Partial $CTXT tokens will be held for voting proposals or exercising voting rights, etc. in order to establish $CTXT Governance. However, these will not be allocated to internal personnel or exchanged for profit. Treasury $CTXT that has been spent on the Governance will be returned to the Community and Reserve.

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