Fan Card NFT Holders

Game governance for Fan Card NFT holders

(※ The governance features in this page will be available to users after development is complete and implemented.)

  • Game Governance is a unique form of Governance within the XPLA GAMES which is centered around and operated by individual Game Providers and Fan Card Holders who have contributed to a game’s launch. Only Game Providers are allowed to access proposals for each game.

  • Users receive Fan Card NFTs if the game they purchased Fan Cards for successfully releases through Game Launcher.

  • Each Fan Card serves as a form of Governance through staking that allows users to vote on the policies proposed by Providers for games. Only Fan Card holders who have participated in Airdrop proposal voting will receive rewards.

  • The followings are examples of proposals.

Ex. Voting on new in-game skins and character designs, Airdrops, etc.

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