$CTXT Holders

XPLA GAMES Governance for $CTXT holders

(※ The governance features in this page will be available to users after development is complete and implemented.)

$CTXT stakeholders can vote on proposals within the XPLA GAMES. Voting rights are proportional to the amount of $CTXT that has been staked in each wallet. Based on the game, Fan Card NFT stakeholders can exercise their right to vote as well.

  • Governance will be centered around $CTXT holders that have contributed most to the gaming community. As such, only holders with 15% or more of $CTXT staked will be granted access to proposals.

  • All proposals require a certain amount of $CTXT. This measure is implemented in order to prevent spam. $CTXT spent will be allocated to users who have staked $CTXT.

  • Since $CTXT is given as a Provider Settlement and can only be obtained through games, many gamers will need adequate time to obtain it, since it is tied to voting rights. As such, the actual proposal feature will be made available at a later date.

  • The following are some examples of proposals.

Ex. Burn $CTXT in the Reserve, supplying LP liquidity, organizing Reserve $XPLA LP Airdrops, token swaps for $CTXT-affiliated projects, generating $CTXT DAO, etc.

  • Token Airdrops that pass proposals will only be paid to $CTXT holders who participated in the vote and have staked $CTXT. Even if a user has rejected the proposal, he or she will still be eligible for the Airdrop if it passes. Those who did not vote are not eligible.

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