For 'Gamers'

  • Ownership of assets earned from games is seamlessly integrated into the blockchain.

  • Users can experience the exchange of assets between games using the onboarding gaming ecosystem.

  • Users will be able to decide which games are released into the ecosystem.

  • By earning $CTXT, XPLA GAMES Governance Token, from games, users can participate in the XPLA GAMES Governance program.

For 'Game Providers'

  • The XPLA GAMES HIVE SDK makes it easy for developers to focus on making games.

  • Basic onboarding procedures for the blockchain take place automatically, from issuing tokens to Swap Pool creation.

  • Game Providers can make use of the $CTXT Provider Settlement that will help building a basic token economy structure and reinvigorate their communities.

For 'Fan Card NFT Holders'

  • By being a core user of a game, users can enjoy benefits from Game Providers in the future.

  • Users have voting rights for proposals regarding each game.

  • Users will be able to trade Fan Card NFTs for other currencies in supported marketplaces.

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